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I have over 100 bottles of nail polish and have been polishing my nails every week for the last 10 years. Prior, I wore acrylic nails for 7 years (starting at the age of 13). Basically, I’m an expert. I know a few things about polishing my nails…

Note: At one point, I even wanted to go to school for it but Husband being the hater he is was like “But aren’t you working on a PhD?” And I was like “And….” Ultimately, he was right. I’m not doing anyone’s manicure or pedicure but my own. Not even yours Mom.

Anyway, women’s biggest gripe is their manicure doesn’t last long enough. I don’t mean to brag (again) but on Monday night, I removed an 8 day manicure with no chips, peels, cracks, breaks, splits, dips, etc…

These days, I only frequent the nail salon every few months just to clean things up but they always have a hard time removing my nail polish. Manicurist: “Did you do these on your own?” Me: “Why yes, it was I.”

So what do I do? I’m glad you asked.

Step 1: Get nail polish tattooed on nails. 

Ok, let’s try again. Here’s what you’ll need: Emery Board, Nail Buffer, Nail Color, Rubbing Alcohol (or White Vinegar), Cotton Balls and Top and Base Coats.

Step 1: File and buff bare nails. You can do what you want but I’d prefer that you file them round opposed to square. It’s just my personal preference…

Step 2: Wet cotton balls with rubbing alcohol or White Vinegar. Rub nail bed to remove dirt and oil. Let nails dry.

Step 3: Apply base coat and be sure to polish over the tip of your nails. This is a step that everyone likes to leave out but the base coat prevents your nail from staining and serves as an adhesive for the nail color. As stated many times, my favorite is Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock Base & Top Coat.

Step 4: Apply two thin layers of nail color and polish over the tip. I think any nail brand has staying power if you use good base and top coasts.  Right now, I’ve been using different colors from Ginger + Liz.  I bought 4 of their nail polishes half price at Ulta.

Step 5: Apply top coat and chill. I highly recommend Seche Dry Fast Top Coat. I’ll be trying their base coat soon and comparing it to Deborah Lippmann’s.

Step 6: Thank me.

So your nail polishing skills may not be perfect, mine aren’t.  If you have excess nail polish around your nail on your skin, wait until your nails have completely dried then use warm water and a sugar scrub to peel off nail polish. I usually polish my nails at night and use the scrub in the morning to prevent messing up my fresh manicure.

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  1. J. Young

    I need to leave work , stop by ulta, go home , and polish my nails. I may return if they dry in enough time.

    • I’m going to Sephora at lunch. We have a lunch and learn today so I’m using my job for the free food.

  2. Do you love Ginger + Liz or is it too early to tell? My polish collection may resemble yours but I want to get rid of them all before buying more [besides clear] and switching to 5-free for good.

    • I love them! Although, I am scared they’re half off because they may be discontinuing them. Also, I’ll be cleaning out my collection soon. I’m over OPI and Essie. Plus, you gotta love that they’re black-owned.

      • Yes! If there’s a Black company doing it and doing it well, we gotta support! A company with integrity and they’re not as pricey as some other 5-free brands I’ve seen, so I do hope they’re not discontinued.

      • Yes and see if you can catch them on sale at Ulta. I bought four colors and went back and bought more, lol.

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