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I am a fan of Amber Rose. She is feminism with a shot of Patron. Is Patron still a thing? Any who, she often uses her platform to speak in opposition to slut-shaming, sexism and inequality and can “read” your edges from your scalp. Note: According to the Online Slang Dictionary, to “read” someone is to lecture them with a sharply worded barrage of painful truths about themselves. I know a few of you didn’t know what that meant; namely, my mom.

So for a while, I’ve been feeling like something had been missing from my life– a void that couldn’t be filled by a career, education, money, or my husband. Not even a kitten! But yesterday morning, a friend that shall remain nameless (because I don’t want you to judge her) sent a group of us an article about the MuvaMoji App.







know? After going through the 5 (or 7) stages of grief and doing a cost-benefit analysis of the $1.99 necessary to purchase the app, I downloaded it. My friends and I spent the next couple of hours sending emojis to each other. I even sent a few to my mom who never responded.

Presenting the official MuvaMoji app by Amber Rose. Featuring over 900 brand new emoji personally curated by Muva herself, browse from over a dozen categories of insane emojis you won’t find anywhere else. Ranging from LGBT pride to adult-themed emojis to insane animated emojis, you’ll be amazed at what’s included.

900 EMOJIS! 900!!! And, I know what you’re thinking but you do need this. BOOM! I just saved another life or two. You’re welcome. If you have an iPhone, download here. If you have an Android, stop being lazy and search through your app store.

Oh and if you can, please add me to your prayer and or sick and shut-in lists. I am getting a few wisdom teeth pulled in a couple of hours (Read: Enlightenment Through Wisdom Teeth Pain).

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