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Right after our courthouse nuptials

Right after our courthouse nuptials

Yesterday, we celebrated our one-year anniversary *insert cheers and applause here.* Honestly, one year has not differed much from 6 Months of Marriage. Sharing of the bank account and closet is still blah, late night snack runs is still a thing, and his cousin is still bitter. Just yesterday he told us, on our anniversary “1 year is great, wait until you’re married for 5.” Note: This fool hasn’t even been married for 5 years! 

It’s kind of cool having an automatic support system and best friend. Husband, what about you?

I didn’t have any preconceived expectations, I just know I’m with a person I want to spend the rest of my life with. 


Husband wanted to take a selfie, I did not.

Husband wanted to take a selfie, I did not.

Our apartment has been a mess, you have a lot of stuff.

I need all of those things…

I’ve had a few, internal challenges. Not anything triggered by you, possibly society. I’ve fought being what’s considered a traditional wife. I have a career and am working on a PhD yet a lot of people think being married is the greatest accomplishment a woman can have. “How often do you cook for him?” “When are you having kids?” As if my existence is to produce for everyone but myself…

In the beginning of our marriage, I made a concious effort not to be influenced by anyone and especially “society.” You cooking for me and having my babies is not something that should be done in response to society but in response to make one another happy. 

On the inside, I’m whiping away a single tear. Moving on, when can I get a kitten?

You don’t have time for a kitten. 


So, we’re building a duplex together. Building design by you, interior by me.

Tentatively, interior design by you because you may get fired. So, what are three things you didn’t know about me until we got married?

  1. You sleep like the Tasmanian Devil (Looney Toons reference)
  2. You struggle with mornings, it takes you forever to get out of the bed.
  3. I knew you were nice but like you’re like level 100 nice, to everyone…for no reason, lol

What about me?

  1. You use a lot of beauty products and various “serums.” What’s a serum? 
  2. You’re addicted to reality TV shows.
  3. I didn’t realize you didn’t know how smart you are. 

I didn’t know I would become so protective of you. I don’t want anyone to take advantage of you.

I’m a big boy, I can handle myself. I didn’t realize that being married to you for 1 year and being with you for over 5, I can still look at you and say “oh, she fine!”

…Thanks honey. That’s another thing I like about you. You compliment me everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. Any advice for newlyweds?

Remember this: Marriage is a privilege and not a chore. Always look at your spouse like a blessing and you’ll never take it for granted.

For me, I would recommend drinking plenty of water, keeping people out of your business and avoiding all the bitter married people. I’m talking to you cousin… … … It’s really fun. Continue dating and try having new experiences. Anything we should work on?

Not eating past 7PM. 

Right! And we need to ensure we are at the gym, consistently. Note: We are writing this as we eat a Chipotle Baja Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and tequila caramel. 

Husband giving me a tour of his new gig.

Husband giving me a tour of his new gig.

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