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The people of Seattle are weird. I kept thinking that I would either be shanked or swept away by a tsunami or earthquake (See Weather Channel’s “It Could Happen Tomorrow”)

Although they are super friendly (genuinely, not fake like people in the south), some don’t believe in personal space. In particular, the homeless community. There were a lot of homeless people, homeless dogs and even homeless people from the transgender community. Something I’ve never seen before… Actually, I almost got into a scuffle with one. While waiting for the city bus (because we wanted to be locals), I took a picture of bus stop art:

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

Source: Pink Gum beaux

Well, the heffa thought I was taking a picture of her and went off! I thought I was going to have to “square up.”

Seattle is beautiful, clean, cold and expensive. It’s surrounded by water with mountains in the backdrop:

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

There is a host of new housing and development which is likely due to the many companies headquartered here.

We did a lot of walking and even took the Seattle Center Monorail from Westlake Center Mall to the Space Needle:

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

And luckily, we had good weather most of the time we’ve been here. In addition to my boring conference sessions, I was able to take a Land and Water Tour, ride to the top of the Space Needle, take an underground walking tour below the streets of Seattle (boring), visit Pike Place Market, the Museum of History and Industry (boring), take the Banbride Island Ferry to Banbridge Island (duh), and watch a movie in their old ass IMAX.

Surprisingly, the food was really good. My favorite was Biscuit Bitch and not because I like saying “Biscuit Bitch.” Well, mostly because I like saying “Biscut Bitch.” Biscuit Bitch… I ordered a biscuit, eggs, bacon and garlic grits. Note: Husband said “Don’t expect grits out here, they only do that in the south.” Humph.

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

Source: Pink Gumbeaux

Just one day left on my trip and I’m ready to call my brother and have him ship my stuff here. I don’t want to leave but, life…

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Biscuit Bitch.



  1. CR

    Good thing you didn’t have to fight off the homeless for that photo. I’ve wondered about the underground walking tour, too bad to hear that it is boring. Did you learn anything unique during it?

    • I’m glad that I didn’t have to either. Underground is where the original city was but it burned to a crisp. Really, it was a tour under a few buildings that felt more like a basement than underground. However, the historians did a good job.


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