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For reasons that are none of your business, a friend of mine (it’s Jaynae again) needed a little more color in her life. By color, I mean lip color. Thing is, she is absolutely petrified of lip color.


Source: Tumblr

Assisting her in the transition from sheer lipgloss to lipstick would be tough. The transformation would take place at Sephora but after fasting, prayer and meditation, I concluded that she wasn’t worthy ready. I suggested we start at Ulta with NYX.

Some of the reds and pinks were too much, she wanted a nude which is…not color.  I also thought it was important to buy nail polish. If she does want to be nude (lipstick, not without clothes), the nails add life. Our compromise:

Source: Jaynae

Source: Jaynae

Although I strongly oppose to gloss in any form and color, I was ok with this. After a few days, I noted that she still was not wearing any color. “Color should be reserved for special occasions, makes her feel too adult, fake and like a clown.”  And this is a problem because? Who doesn’t like clowns? On the bright side, she did polish her nails and even used base and top coats. Half a gold star for Jaynae!

Surprisingly, she wanted more lip (almost) color so we headed to Sephora. Once there, she started this nude business again and when we found the perfect boring color, the consultant applied it for her. Guys, she had her eyes closed the whole time; although, she was placed in front of a mirror so she COULD see how the color (or lack thereof ) looked on her. After application:

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

On one hand, if you’re more comfortable living your life as bland potato salad, do you. However, don’t be scared to evolve and add a little oomph to your life.  After all, lipstick is not permanent. Please add Jayane to your prayer lists.

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