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Last Friday while on the elliptical at a respectable speed, I noticed a group of women (barely) running a lap around the gym. One of them was my coworker, I teased her as she passed by. Once at work, I told her I had always been curious about spin class but because I have common sense, I never tried it. She invited me to the next class, I accepted and even brought a friend (hey Jaynae).

Once in spin class, I was instructed to get a mat, weights (3, 5 and 8) and a towel. I never use a towel when working out, prissy workouts don’t require one. What I later learned is that this was no ordinary spin class, it would be a total body workout.

We started with 3 laps around the gym. Once back in the room, my friend turned to me and asked me something about the class. I told her it was my first time there. At that moment, I saw the trust she had in me leave her eyes.

We did squats, ran a lap, shadow boxed, ran a lap, crunches than ran ANOTHER lap. We held weights during each workout. With my respiratory issues, I was surprised I was able to run so many laps but it was likely because I wanted to out perform all the middle-aged women. I was dripping in sweat *whispers* even in my crotch


Source: Tumblr

After 30 minutes of that crap, we got on the bikes. The bikes were complex: There were 3 handle bars, a break lever, resistance knob (I think that’s what it’s called) and the seat which felt like broken bricks. Also, I had to adjust the seat to my height (vertically and horizontally).

We had to stand and peddle, bounce and peddle, sway left and right and peddle. She yelled ONE,  TWO, ONE, THREE referring to which handle bars to use. She also said something about adding resistance but at that point, I started to get lost in my thoughts. My whole life flashed before my eyes. I thought about the things I should’ve done, people I should’ve called and most importantly, the dumb decisions I’ve made. This class being one of them. Almost falling off the bike brought me back to the present.

After class, the instructors asked if I enjoyed and I replied “no.” Seriously, why would I enjoy something like this? She told me “the whole body workout would kick my metabolism into over drive.” Was she trying to convince me to return? We took a group selfie and out the door we went. In my car, I sat for a few moments trying to process what I had just been through. Once home, Husband gave me a big hug. I had such a hard day.


Source: Tumblr

As I type this with a raw butt (see “seat feels like broken bricks” reference above), I’m actually contemplating returning to the class. It’s only 3 times a week and gives great balance to my boring elliptical routine. But you guys know I can be a flake…

Update: I just completed my second class. The instructor even referenced me on the proper way to do one of the workouts. In a week or so, I’ll be the best student in class. Move over Brittany, I am coming for your throne. I know her name because people kept referencing how awesome she was -_- 

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