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On Saturday, Husband told me to arrive at church on time. I’m never on time. I thought his request was odd. I knew there were plans to pass out roses to the women in the congregation, I helped him shop for those roses. Me: “What else are you guys planning, I hope you don’t embarrass me.” Husband: “I just want you there with me.

As HBIC of the usher board, he’s rarely with me during church. He seats people, does the welcome speech, and assists with offering. Sometimes he’s able to sit next to me once the pastor starts preaching but that’s rare. Any who, I complied with his request.

It’s Sunday and Husband is doing his welcome speech. As expected, two additional ushers came out and assisted him with the dissemination of roses. I noticed that he kept one and thought to myself “OH NO!” He then told the congregation that he kept one rose “because it was a special rose for a special woman.” He then proceeded to state how much he enjoyed our 10 months of marriage, how much he loved me, etc. It was the sweetest gesture I’ve ever experienced. And, I was happy that I was able to maintain my composure because I can’t get all emotional in public, I have an image to uphold.

He wasn’t done. He proceeded to sing “You Are So Beautiful” and then, I got something in my eye. The scene kind of went like this… Husband:


Source: Tumblr

Church members:

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr


Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Just kidding, we were in church people! Even now, I’m speechless and thankful for such a sweet husband who not only expresses how he feels about me daily but did it in front of the entire congregation. I love you too and here’s to almost a year of marriage!

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