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On Facebook, I saw several photos of mouth savoring ribs, steak and shrimp. Husband and I were feeling spontaneous so we plugged the address into my maps app and off we went. A block or so from the location, my husband exclaimed “I think I know where it is and started laughing hysterically.” I got nervous.

We pulled up to a building that appeared to be a dry cleaner and then I got real nervous. It looked like a former drug dealer decided to invest his “earnings” into a restaurant; thereby, living straight, providing for his family and leaving a legacy.


Source: Giphy

We were now inside the restaurant and it was time to order. I told Husband I wanted grilled shrimp, the broccoli, cheese and bacon concoction and fries. I also mentioned that I wanted the yellow drink if it was lemonade and not kool-aide. I’m 30 not 3.

While waiting, I clutched my pearls.

  • Do I smell the stench of weed?”
  • Why are there so many cameras?”
  • I wonder what’s their food facility inspection grade, I don’t see it.”
  • Why are these widows tinted? Why would a restaurant need tinted windows?”

Source: Tumblr

The Husband enjoyed me freaking out and after about 30 minutes, our food was up. I rolled up and said “don’t forget our drinks.” I was thirsty and they could have given us our drinks while we were waiting but you know I did not want to start any trouble. I am not about that life.

Once outside, I took a deep breathe to take in the fresh air, put my straw in my drink and *gulp* Me: “I told you to ask them if that was kool-aide, this is terrible!” Husband: “You have to shake it up so the ice can get to it.” Me: “Nope, it’s still disgusting.”

While on the way home, we started eating my fries. After one bite, I coughed!  It was full of seasoning but we couldn’t figure out what kind. “Is this crab boil?” “Is this creole seasoning?” Husband said “it tastes like they crumbled bbq chips on the fries” so we went with that. After a while, they started tasting good, lol.

When we got home, I started on my grilled shrimp and the broccoli, cheese and bacon concoction. It was just regular steamed broccoli sprinkled with shredded cheese and bacon bits. The shrimp was weird. Once more, it was seasoning I couldn’t place. Husband: “you just aren’t used to grilled shrimp.” Me: “I’ve had grilled shrimp many times.” Husband: “Not from a place like this.”

As I’m writing this, I’m eating leftover grilled shrimp and the broccoli, cheese and bacon concoction knowing we’ll probably be back. The restaurant gives discounts to our employers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They always say the best food is in the hood.

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