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Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Last week was the worse. First and foremost, we spent a boatload of money on fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and other squirrel feed. Eating healthy is expensive.

I spent most of the week quite ill. I had an ongoing headache, was always hungry, and in a super pissy mood. I found it hard to concentrate because I kept thinking about food. Midweek, my vegan friend (Hey Ana) suggested Milk Thiselte. That brought me some relief.

By Thursday, I turned into a super bitch. My husband had worked a full day, went to church for a few hours then proceeded to eat a banana for dinner. I spassed! “YOU’RE GOING TO EAT REAL FOOD, THIS IS NOT WORTH IT!

By Friday, I said f*** this.  As a result, I’m off the Daniel Fast and now on the Danielle (my middle name) Diet.  This includes plenty of green stuff, seafood and a healthy water drinking habit.  I’ve done pretty well with cutting sugars and fast food. If I do desire it, I’ll do it in moderation.

Overall, Husband lost 5 pounds and I lost an atonishing 0 pounds (and my mind)! All of that pain and agony to stay the exact same weight. However, Husband and I are both feeling a little more engerized. Just a little…

To everyone in the struggle, good luck and girl bye.

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