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I think my husband has communication and or memory issues.  Whenever he wants me to participate in something, he usually tells me hours before.  Personally, I think he weighs the pros and cons of each activity.  Is it worth her being pissy with me?  Is it worth her being pissy with other people?  Is it worth her being weird and possibly embarrassing me?  In the end, I’m usually all three because like I said, it’s last minute.

On yesterday, I found out the church was particpating in the Daniel Fast (after we had donuts and orange juice for breakfast). Minutes before this announcement, I was daydreaming about the fried chicken and mac and cheese I would be partaking in right after church.  Before the benediction, I walked to the back to stand near Husband and avoid fellowshipping when he (Husband) started talking about the kind of vegetables we should buy.  My first thought was good luck with that, I’m eating mac and cheese. Then, I had a change of heart.  I’ve been trying to get him to change his eating habits for a while. The only way either of us could be successful is if we did it together.

In the event you don’t know, the Daniel Fast is rooted in biblical ideology.  Fasting has spiritual, mental and physical benefits which includes but is not limited to: Bringing you closer to God (because you’re begging him to take the hunger away), your mind is at peace (because you’re too hungry to think), and weight loss (because you’ve replaced real food with rabbit food).

While there is a list of dos and donuts don’ts, I’m going in at 89% commitment.  I’m not giving up my lemon ginger tea and I will take a shot of 5-hour energy and or wine when necessary.  Another thing, this is Mardi Gras season; therefore, it’s King Cake season.  If someone finds it in their hearts to ship me one, I WILL EAT IT.  Even better, I won’t have to share it with my husband.

Pray for me, I’m mean when I’m hungry, sleepy…just anytime I’m not eating or sleeping.


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