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A few months ago, I planned to travel home (to New Orleans) to see one of my oldest friends star in “Simply Irma, A Musical Play.” I don’t have a good track record with plays. I saw my first (and only) one a year or so ago at a community theatre here in Jackson, MS. It was at the end of a long day, after I had a great meal and wine and because the temperature in the theatre was just right, I fell asleep. My husband vowed to never take me to another play 🙃

There were two additional reasons for my weekend trip: (1) It’s been a while since I spent time with family and (2) I needed my “fix.” A little bit of New Orleans to get me through life. If you’re not from an awesome city, it may be hard for you to understand. Upon my arrival, I harassed my grandparents for a few hours.  By harass I mean eat fried seafood, drink daiquiris and nap for most of the time I was scheduled to spend with them. They accept me for who I am.  That evening, mom and I traveled to one of our favorite restaurants: Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant.  Side note: I ordered a Hurricane and my mom told the waitress I couldn’t have it.  We went back and forth for 2 minutes and then the waitress replied “I don’t know what to do.”  Seriously, I did turn 30 last month. Maybe if she would have a cocktail or two she wouldn’t be so, never mind.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day shopping for makeup and tea.  Have you guys ever been to Teavana?  OMG!  It’s like Disney World for tea drinkers.  There were plenty of samples and a lot of tea selections and combos to choose from.  My mom dropped like 35 bucks there.  Balllllllllerrrrrr! Any who, we were left with about 40 minutes to rest before leaving for the play. Simply Irma, A Musical Play at the Anthony Bean Community Theatre and Acting School was a story about Irma’s life and career. Kind of. My friend (Sierra Green) played Ruth Brown and did so well one tear rolled down my cheek like Denzel Washington in Glory.


It wasn’t an emotional scene but its just something about seeing a friend living out her dream.  In true New Orleans fashion, the show ended with a Second Line.


And, Irma and I became best friends after the show.

Best friends

Maw (Sierra’s Grandma), Irma, Me and Sierra!

On Sunday morning, mom and I drove Uptown to New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Co. because I didn’t feel like shopping for a parking spot or standing in a long line at Cafe Du Monde.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Overall, this past weekend was pretty awesome and exactly what I needed before….Thanksgiving *insert thunder and lighting here*

I am 90% done with the new site: Although I will continue to have a presence on Blogger, it will no longer be my main blog *insert tears here* Till then, you know I need friends so like Pink Gumbeaux on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Rabadaba. While you’re at it, check out my last post: NCLA Nail Wraps Are Basic.



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