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The Perfect Guy is a movie about lobbyist Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) unsatisfied with her relationship with current boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut) due to conflicting relationship goals.  Basically, Leah wants marriage and kids while Dave is perfectly content with their relationship, as is.  As a result, she ditches him and starts dating Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy).

So, Morris Chestnut is attractive if you’re into M&M’S and World’s Finest Chocolate’s Continental Almonds but Michael Ealy, my gosh



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The ladies in the movie theatre and I spent the first 30 to 40 minutes of the movie swooning.  Carter Duncan was absolutely “perfect.”  He was chivalrous (he gave Leah his Iced Mocha), protective (he got rid of a drunk perv for Leah), unpredictable (he took her to a cool club where they danced and got into some unsanitzed activities in the club’s bathroom), had a great job (he’s an IT nerd) and even won her parents over (he bought her Dad baseball tickets).  Oh yeah, and he’s gorgeous.

But, he also had a terrible temper.  A mechanic rolled up on Leah while Carter was paying for gas just to compliment his car but Carter flew into a jealous rage beating the guy to a pulp.  As a result, Leah was done with Carter but he was certainly not done with her. He began stalking her, nearly ruined her career (by filming her and Dave having sex and emailing it to her colleagues and clients), killed her nosy neighbor and Dave (Ricky can’t catch a break) and the worse part of all: HE KIDNAPPED HER KITTY! Luckily, Rusty was not harmed.  I think his name was Rusty…

Any who, she gets advice from the detective working her case, becomes badass and kills the jive turkey.  Although the movie was quite thrilling and suspenseful, it’s still a bit predictable.  However, I would still recommend it.  It’s perfect for a “girls night out” and even date night if you want to temporarily annoy your spouse.  Plus, Michael Ealy is staring in it!

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