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unnamedGather around kids, we need to talk.  From all of my introvert posts you can conclude that I’m kind of a quiet person, hanging in the background watching the scene…  Sometimes, my eyes focus on details more than I would like.  Like, I end up looking at hands, elbows, knees, feet and for the last few weeks there has been a common theme: ASH

Guys, it takes about 3 minutes out of your entire day to moisturize your skin.  And, you’re not doing it just for fun, there are benefits: keeps skin hydrated, smooth calluses and rough spots, and makes your skin glow J If you want to go all out, do it before bed and the next morning, it’ll make you look and feel like Cleopatra!

But, I feel like I need to say a few more things before ending this convo.  Being of the lighter complexion does not exempt you, you are still ashy.  Moisturizing only the visible parts of your skin is cheating, you are still ashy.  And although there are a host of lotions readily available to you, skip those.  Some of you are moisturizing and are still ashy.  You guys need the natural stuff from the mother land.  Shea butter, coconut oil, etc.  Find it at your local Whole Foods or natural grocery stores.

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