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A friend of mine told me that once you turn 30, things change overnight; for example, one’s metabolism.  As of now I’m two months or so from 30 and am already noticing things:

  1. Keeping up with the latest apps is a struggle. What’s Snapchat and how is it different from Instagram? I’ve downloaded Periscope but have yet to post a video, it’s just taking up space on my phone.
  2. Who are these new rappers and singers that all sound the same? I remember hearing my grandparents say this about the music I listened to. What’s worse is some of the associated dances. You will not see me whip or Nae Nae, I’m too much of a stick in the mud. Side note: Silento sounds like a cooking ingredient -_-
  3. Social media behavior. This hasn’t been as much as a struggle for me because I do have people I can complain to offline but on the other hand…
  4. Reaching 30 has allowed me to come to a place where I sincerely do not care. I’m comfortable with myself more than ever and the very very very small segment of people I care about accept me; therefore, why would I care about the opinion of others? Side note: I’ve encountered more gossip and rumors as an adult then in elementary, middle and high schools.
  5. Health and exercise matters. Just two years ago, I was at my ideal weight. I remember complaining about loosing 10 pounds but now I have waaaaaay more to work off. I’m not concerned about society’s criteria, I just enjoy shopping in the junior’s department. It’s cheaper. Most importantly, I don’t want Hypertension, Diabetes and other associated illnesses that plague the African American community.
  6. My body plays no games… Although I still don’t like to use public restrooms, I’m getting to a point where I may not have a choice. I can no longer hold anything in over a long period of time.
  7. My tolerance towards certain foods have changed. Another thing I’m not doing late, eating. I recently started experiencing heartburn when consuming certain foods or eating late and it’s very uncomfortable. Me to Husband: “either I’m having a heart attack or heartburn, I’m not sure.” Husband: “It’s probably heartburn.” Me: “I think I’m dying…”
  8. I have little to no desire to do anything past 8:30 P.M. Look, I have things to do and a life to balance. I need to start prepping for the next day and get a good night’s sleep so I can get up early enough to workout, have breakfast and pretend to be a morning person.
  9. I need more than money from my career. I’m on my 3rd degree so clearly I want a good quality of life; however, I’m over punching in, walking around like a zombie and punching out. I’m no Malala Yousafzai but I would love to leave a little footprint.
  10. 20 somethings get on my nerves and I want out. Some of the things they care about, talk about it is just….grrrrrrr. I think my younger self was pretty cool. Work and school has always been important to me but if I could give advice to others I would say: Dating is not a priority, save and invest (you are never too young), don’t get credit cards, keep your future in mind and travel!

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