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CatTo some I have a lot of issues: I’m introverted (aka I don’t like people), most recently I found out I’m allergic to being outside and cheap jewelry, I don’t like being touched but the thing that bothers people the most?  I’m a picky eater!  As a picky eater, I am most bothered by the smell, appearance and texture of food.  Like, oatmeal taste good but the texture is horrendous.  Regarding bananas, I hate the smell, look and texture.  And guess what, I spass out when they are in my presence.  When I pass by them in the grocery store, when my husband eats one, when my brother drinks what he thought was a berry shake but I can still smell the nana… Eck!  So parents, being a picky eater is not always a “phase.”  For more, read here!

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  1. haha this is hilarious! I used to hate my ex for his picky eating. We could rarely eat out at the same spots[he preferred things along the lines of Waffle House or his mom’s] and I couldn’t cook anything “unusual” cuz I’d be eating alone.

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