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hairWhile on one of my many trips to Sally’s, I walked in for my usual dye products (dye, developer and conditioner).  This literally takes 3 minutes.  While I was being checked out, the cashier/consultant said “wait, you forgot something!”  On this particular day I was tired, annoyed (as usual), and was not in the mood to buy anything other than what I went there for.  She proceeded to explain that I needed Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment Packette.  Truthfully, I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.  Remember, I’m tired, annoyed and not in the mood but I told her to ring it up.  Because my Sisterlocks aren’t fully loc’d, I am NOT supposed to be using dyes, conditioners or any other products.  This can cause slippage, resulting in my locs unraveling so you can kind of see why I did not want to add an additional product to the list of products I’m not supposed to be using.  For more, read here!

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