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Makeupfickyourface image has evolved so much.  Coincidently, there are many products and tools we have to use just to look natural or “naturally perfect,” why is that?

Historically, foundation and make-up in general has been associated with terms like pancake face, clown and mask-like.  Ironically the actual purpose of foundation is to even the tone and texture of skin without compromising the distinct features, beauty and personality of the person wearing it.  Healthy skin is the bottom line; however, the quality of our skin is affected by so many factors such as genetics, hormonal fluctuations, stress, diet, weather and skin conditions to name a few.  With that said, cosmetic companies through scientific research and insight of dermatology have ingeniously developed synthetic products that effectively mimic the  natural positive processes of healthy ideal skin which has had the dual effect of innovative marketing while changing the face of what wearing make-up represents to the consumer, who is generally attracted to the more realistic added benefits that a product offers rather than products that offer no therapeutic benefit beyond the make-up application.  For more, read here!


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