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robyn3-556x9581-350x525What is branding?

My definition of branding is the process of creating a unique experience that excites a person’s sight (through logos, symbols, ads and other visual identity), hearing (through recognizable sounds, music, etc.), and feeling (through their emotions and customer interaction).  Branding is about positioning your brand to be identifiable and remembered.  The key to this is to focus on your customer’s/client’s needs and wants. You want your customers/clients familiar, comfortable, trusting and loyal to your brand.  And in order to get these things, your brand has to be relevant to their needs and wants as well as cohesive.  Every element of your brand from your messaging to your business card has to work together and make sense.  The process of branding is making your brand the leader and preferred choice among your competitors.  Think about your favorite fashion brand or fast food restaurant, what is the first brand that comes to mind?  Now think about why you chose that brand.  Is it because of the taste, the customer service, the look, the funny ads, the joy you feel when you encounter it, the ease to purchase or eat/wear it, or the price point?  You should want your business to have the same positive response and thoughts.

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