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About two weeks ago, I blogged about the new face mask craze: Indian Healing Clay. For the rundown on this product, read here.

So about 4 days after blogging, I tried the face mask.  The clay comes in powder form and requires water and apple cider.  Reading is fundamental.  I didn’t have any apple cider so I did without.  I applied the missing-a-key-ingredient face mask to not only my face but my little brother and fiance’s face. My brother was ok with being my guinea pig but my fiance was pissed, lol!  He kept complaining about the tightness and burning.  Thanks for being a trooper Akili 🙂 Despite missing the apple cider, this stuff really cleared my face of the few tiny bumps I had.  My fiance’s face looked pretty good too.  He had a dry patch which disappeared by morning.

Yesterday, I tried again with the apple cider. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any additional guinea pigs this time…  The apple cider added a little fizzle to the clay but try not to let that scare you, lol.  I applied the mask before showering and removed while in the shower.  After removal, I didn’t add anything.  No toner.  No moisturizer.  I usually wait until the morning to judge the results of a mask. This morning I woke up to nearly perfect skin.  I had a few small hormonal pimples and all but one disappeared.  Stubborn little jerk. Any who, I love this stuff.  Even my expensive-ass Murad face mask doesn’t have this effect.  Check out Amazon for additional reviews and to order.

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