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This will be my final Fitbit Flex update.  I mean, what else is there to bitch about?  Lol.  For three weeks, I have consistently used Fitbit Flex *insert applause here* and I honestly look forward to the 10,000 step challenge every single day.

I take the steps oppose to the elevator.  I use half of my lunch break to walk.  Near the end of my day, I take another walk.  While it’s not the best I can do, it’s all I’m willing to give for the next month or so *Kanye shrug*
If you’ve got the money, Fitbit Flex is still worth the investment.  It keeps you on your toes and makes you want to make an effort.  In the upcoming weeks, I hope to get more serious about tracking my eating habits and water intake.  Key word “HOPE.”  I’m still not tracking my sleep (ain’t nobody got time for that) but am using the silent alarm clock.  I just love it.
In contrast to what I said a couple of weeks ago, I may have to invest in more bands or band accessories. I didn’t take it off last week and can see the effect soap and water has on it.  It’s not terribly visible but may look like total crap in another couple of months.  Plus, I wouldn’t mind not having to stare at this ugly band.  Who designed this?
Any who, for more info on Fitbit Flex, visit Fitbit.
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