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295edace5242f7a673895726a69eddc2 (1)My excitement for new toys usually lasts longer than this… Week 2 of Fitbit Flex wasn’t as successful as week 1.

First thing first, I met my 10,000 step goal twice and it’s likely to stay like this for a while. At least, the next month or so. In a perfect world I could successfully balance work, school exercise, and sleep but the reality is something has to be cut and I’ve chosen exercise… I just don’t see myself getting up early to walk or run but I will continue making more of an effort to walk at work, take the steps versus elevator, and maybe walk a few blocks on one of my breaks.

Secondly, I stopped tracking my sleep. When I’m really sleepy, it’s highly unlikely that I will make the effort to alert the app that it should start recording my sleep. But like I said last week, I’ve known about my sleep issues for a while.

Thirdly, wearing Fitbit Flex all night is annoying. I’m more likely to forget it’s on during the day but am finding it hard to sleep with it on. I took it off a few nights. Actually, it’s off right now charging as I write this which brings me to my final complaint. You need to charge it every three days versus every four to five. This is just to be safe. My device has about 50% battery life and I didn’t want to take any chances….

Overall, I still like Fitbit Flex but we’re frenemies now, lol.

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