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Are you one of those DIY or HGTV freaks?  Yes?  Good!  And, how do feel about nail polish?  Love that?!  Well you’re going to love OPI’s Interior and External Paint Collection by Clark + Kensington. This paint collection includes three collections: The Artist, The Wild Heart and The Romantic.

Collection Description:
The Artist. “A reflection of your personal style, both fashionable and a little unexpected.  Eye-pleasing color graces all your favorite things-the well-traveled and the newly acquired bling.”
The Wild Heart. “High drama collides with cultured chic to create an oasis of eye-catching cool.  Ignite the pulse of spontaneity with a passionate palette to surround and ground you.”
The Romantic. “Sumptuous color and plush silhouettes set the stage for intrigue.  Flush with graceful flourishes and effortless charm, an era of Hollywood glamour is awakened.”
This is an excellent move for OPI and I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved into home goods. Although I stay in a wack apartment, I’m looking forward to using this paint in my first home.  So far, I love all the bright colors in each collection.
OPI’s Interior and External Paint is sold exclusively at Ace Hardware  For how much, I don’t know.  It’s not listed on the website so you’ll have to pop into one of their stores.  For more info, visit Clark + Kensington.

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