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Hey kidos, I’m back!  2014 sucked so bad that I’ve been struggling to outline 2015 goals, lol.  I’m kind of in one of those “why should I even bother” moods but too many monumental things are scheduled for 2015 so I suppose I need to get my act together…preferably by tomorrow (my last day of vacation).  In 2015 I will be getting married, maybe purchasing my first home and by a miracle…completing my PhD.  Hopefully there is room for relocation and a better paying job *pretty pretty please*

And like a million others, I need to get my health together.  Just like all vain brides, I would like to loose weight but I need to desperately make a lifestyle change.  Side note: I’m eating a brownie as I type this…  More broad goals include regular exercise and meditation, living in the moment and always remembering I have control over my feelings.

Last but not least is the goals I have for this blog.  As of now, I am less than 100 views from 100,000.  What an accomplishment!  My blogging has come such a long way.  When I first started Pink Gumbeaux, there were a lot of reblogs but I now compose my own.  I am grateful for the host of readers beyond the United States reading my blog.  How did you guys even find out about me?!   In 2015, I would like to improve my writing skills, content, and have more life experiences I can blog about.

Any who, I wish each and every one of you a prosperous year but only if you follow me on social media…if you don’t, I take it back…lol.  My Facebook page has 55 likes and that’s pitiful so make sure to “like” Pink Gumbeaux on Facebook. Then there’s Twitter.  I have more followers there but I don’t know any of them so follow me on Twitter!  Last but not least is my Instagram where I’m attempting to be an amateur photographer, lol.  Like my twitter, I don’t know most of these people so I need you to follow my Instargram too.

*twirls away*

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