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Welp, its that time of the year where we make health plans for the new year while simultaneously indulging in the fatty goodness holiday food has to offer *insert smiley face here* Any who, while bored and searching for apps to take up space on my phone, I came across Health Mate by Withings.

This app allows you to manage your weight and visualize your progress, forces you to be more active (this thing wants me to take 10,000 steps a day), measure your heart rate (which can be done through your camera phone), and obtain better sleep (using Withing Pulse’s sleep cycle analysis)….whew.
This app is FREE and available to iTunes and Android users.
Side note: Withings has way more to offer than Health Mate, “Withings creates smart products and apps to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a new and easy way.”  Products include but are not limited to smart scales, active trackers, baby products, sleep products, home environment, heart products, etc.  For more, visit Withings.
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