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Photo Source: Miss Jessie’s

When I logged into Facebook, there were reports from magazines and blogs that Titi Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s passed at the age of 45 from an apparent suicide; however, it has not been confirmed.

Miss Jessie’s was the first product I used when I went natural.  I used to order their products from a salon out of Atlanta but now it’s available nearly everywhere.  The thing I liked most about their products versus any other line, there is a product available for all hair textures and let’s not forget their bogo sale around the holidays.

It’s clear that Titi had some issues which may be why her and her sister separated for a brief period a few years back.  Any who, this is such a big loss to the natural hair community and I’ll be praying for both Titi and the family and friends she left behind.

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  1. Sad there was another brown girl who has taken her life who was an upcoming entrepreneur. However, this shows if its real that depression is real in our community. we need to see the signs or if our signs are different , notice the signs and get the health department to all notice them too.

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