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In the event you don’t know, I’m engaged!  *insert applause here*  But the high of being engaged was brief.  Next came the flood of calls about wedding dates, colors and venues (as if I have been planning my wedding my whole life).  I really didn’t want to have a wedding but my groomzilla did.  He’s a bit more family oriented than I am…  Any who, I’ve come up with a list of shortcuts for the couples who aren’t trying to go broke planning a wedding.

Step 1: Outline a budget.

A lot of people will tell you to set a budget first but I disagree.  How can you set a budget when you don’t know how much anything costs?  Get quotes first, determine what you need and then set your budget.  One thing me and the fiancé thought was unnecessary was engagement pictures…we’ll focus our finances on wedding photos.  Another thing I really wanted was a website where everyone could RSVP and see what’s on our registry but we concluded that there are a host of people who aren’t tech savvy so it may be a waste to pay monthly fees for a site…but I still kind of want it , lol.

Step 2: Buy Save-the-Dates and wedding invitations in bulk.  Try sites such as Zazzle where there are tons and tons of awesome designs.  Also, the more you buy, the cheaper the price.

Step 3: Photos, flowers and wedding cakes, oh my!  Get quotes from your local photographers, florists, and bakeries.  Although, neighborhood grocery stores may offer cheaper prices.  And guess what, Walmart now makes wedding cakes, however, my mom said mine won’t be coming from there, lol.  I don’t care where it comes from since she’s paying for it *insert wink and gun*

Step 4: The venue and catering will be your most expensive fees.  Luckily, we found out that museums are free for events but we must use them as caterers.  Even more, they will handle setup, provide tables and chairs as well as linen.  Shop around for venues not traditionally used for weddings.

Side note: You’ll have to determine if you will be providing spirits (another expense).  We’re leaning towards a NO…lol but a cash bar will be available 🙂

Step 5: Get decoration ideas from Tumblr, Pinterest, The Knot, Bridal magazines and even wedding planner’s websites.  And, I’ve been told from a few friends that Dollar General has a host of decorations that don’t look cheap but I don’t think we will be doing too much decorating since we’ll be having our wedding at an art museum.

Side note II: We are strongly considering the use of a MP3 player, iPod, etc. instead of a DJ or band.  Why shell out hundreds when we can upload our favorite songs and blast them over the museum’s speakers?

Step 6: No bridesmaids, no groomsmen.  Yes, you read right.  Reasons include but are not limited to bridesmaids having to shell out hundreds of dollars for one day, bridesmaids bitching about other bridesmaids, bridesmaids vs. bridesmaids dresses, and how someone is pissy because they’re not a bridesmaid.  Blah, blah, blah.  There will be three people at the alter: the groom, the bride and the officiant.

Whew, wasn’t this an extensive list?  Next is wedding dress shopping, grrrrr!


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