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I am really surprised that I haven’t tried nor blogged about this product.  You guys know how I feel about queen Deborah Lippmann and all of her nail polish glory so here goes… 
Product Information: “You’re out the door—in a flash. This high-shine top coat dries fast so you can go about your business without a smear, smudge or scratch.  Addicted to Speed does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dbp (dibutyl phthlate), or camphor, and is not tested on animals.”
Sort of kind of review:  I am biased so don’t ask me…lol.  Of course it dried fast.  I know this because I bumped my nails a few times immediately after I polished them.  As for shine, I can’t comment on that.  I’m wearing lavender that looks more like a white so I’ll have to test the shiny theory later.  
Last but not least, this retails for 20 bucks.  Yes, you read right.  I value really good base and top coats because it gives me the opportunity to wear cheap ass nail colors but have a lasting manicure 🙂 
Find this product at your local Sephora, Deborah Lippmann, Nordstrom, and other places that sell expensive beauty products, lol. 

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