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A while back, I read an article in a local newspaper about Ana and shortly after, we became Facebook friends.  Her posts are always inspirational, informative and downright hilarious. 
Ana Lorian is the founder and CEO of the Ana Lorian Agency, a matchmaking and dating coach service and Mississippi’s only professional matchmaker with an 88% success rate. 
“In today’s world, finding someone to have a lasting, great
relationship with is harder than it has ever been.  Most singles waste precious time and energy on
people who just aren’t a good fit for them,” Ana believes.  “This does not have to be.  Her step-by-step system helps you get real
about yourself, your ideal partner, and your future so you don’t waste time and
energy (and money) dating the wrong people.”
Pink Gumbeaux (PG): What inspired you to become a matchmaker?

Matchmaker Ana (MA): Divorce. I got married young (20), had children young and when my marriage dissolved after four years, I thought…now what?  I’ve never been a club person so I decided to created what I needed: a database of men.
PG Note: The individuals in Ana’s database undergo an extensive background check to ensure they are not criminals or off their rockers.  
PG: How long have you been matchmaking?
MA: Four years.
PG: What services do you provide and are they available to people outside of Mississippi?
MA: Dating, relationship and intimacy coaching and matchmaking. 
PG Note: Ana has clients all over the U.S. and will be in New York this week so make sure you catch up with her.
PG: What do you say to young professionals and middle-aged individuals who complain about why they can’t find love?
MA: It starts within.  A lot of people want to be chose instead of choosing. 
PG: What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone searching for a mate?
MA: Stop searching.
For more information about Ana and her agency, services, and social media, visit the Ana Lorian Agency
Side note: Ana’s services would make a great stocking stuffer.  There a lot of family and friends I wish I could past this out to but I’m not going to say any names… Umhmm…. but if this post is sent to you, you are one of the persons I’m talking about, lol.

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