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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Isashaka Monaleaux, owner of It’s Butter Baby where samples were passed out.  I fell in love with this product and thought I’d give you guys the opportunity to do the same.  Check out the interview!

Pink Gumbeaux (PG): How was “It’s Butter Baby” conceived?

It’s Butter Baby (IBB): By word of mouth!  Lol. After growing tired of paying for prescription creams, an African woman suggested Shea butter.  It actually worked but it was so thick and waxy, and my children disliked the natural scent of it.  I also wanted to use it in my hair so I created a freeze/melting process and whipped it like a mousse.  My mom wanted it, my sisters, my husband and even the African woman that introduced me to Shea wanted it!

PG: What makes your butter different from other brands?

IBB: Quality is extremely important to us because we want the same loyal customers to continue trusting that our butters are going to do what we say it does.

PG: What are the health benefits of Shea butter?

IBB: Shea Butters are cellular regenerative! That excites me to this day because as long as it remains that way it helps heal eczema, acne, stretch marks, razor bumps, cellulite, diaper rash, and evens skin tones.

PG: What’s your favorite butter?

IBB: Lol! You can’t ask me! I’m gonna tell you every one I’ve tried! We have so many from all over the world! Tammanu, Capacau, Cocoa, Mango, Neem, Illipe, Mango, Orange Butter… the list goes on. But if you’re asking for my favorite Shea butter I would say Kumquat, it’s a spirit lifter! Which one have you tried? What do you like about it?

PG: I really like the Pink Sugar you gave me.  I can’t imagine trying any of the other ones because this one smells so good, lol. I do like that it’s more of a whip than the typical Shea butter I have to dig out with my nails than apply.  Also, it gives my skin a great glow!

PG: Any advice for beautytrepreneurs (beauty entrepreneurs)?

IBB: Be sincere in helping people because karma has a way of taking what you stole.  And that can be applied to everything in life.

PG: Where can everyone shop your butter and do you ship internationally?

IBB: They’re invited to shop with us online at It’s Butter Baby and our Butter Blog.

Don’t forget to tell them, IT’S BUTTER BABY!


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