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6 Minute TYOver

Tyra Banks has launched a beauty line…that makes sense.  Products include mascara, lipstick, contouring sticks, eyeliner, eye shadow and more.  The prices may not be as cheap as you would like them (ranging from $24- $34.50 for individual products) but it’s probably worth it.  She’s been in the game a long time and probably wouldn’t put her name on anything unless it’s perfect.

And if you visit, you’ll see a series of “tips and tricks” on how to create the fiercest cat eye, eyes and cheeks, and how to use the sculpting/contouring sticks.

Last but not least, if you really really really like her line and love makeup, consider joining her team.

Side note: I love the names of her beauty products (Smack My Fat Lashes, What Lipstick and Oops Liner) and of course it’s not just makeup…it’s beautytainment and badassery, lol.

For more, visit Tyra.

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