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Twelve Oaks Plantation

Twelve Oaks Plantation

I’m back in the blogsphere a little quicker than we intended.  Pull up a chair so I can explain why.

Last Thursday, I decided not to take the doctoral comprehensive exam?  Why?  Because I was not ready.  I didn’t want to walk into an exam that I wouldn’t ace.  If I failed one (or all parts), I would have to take it over in five months anyway…  Secondly, I was in a rush.  I’ve been in school my entire life and completing school would allow me to get to other things such as relocating and starting my dream career.  Last but not least, I thought people would be disappointed in me.  I’m 29 and could’ve received my PhD before I’m 30.  That’s something my family, friends, professors and even me could brag about.  However, last Thursday I had a major meltdown.  This is when I knew that I had put too much pressure on myself.  That maybe I should not be rushing through life putting all my happiness into academic and professional advancement.  And guess what, 99% of the people I told that I delayed the exam didn’t think anything of it.  There was no pressure coming from anywhere but me.

By Friday, I was a total mess.  I have never been so disappointed in myself.  My face was puffy because I had not received proper sleep that entire week.  I was stressed and had been staying up late to study.  Although my birthday was that upcoming Sunday, I had already planned in my head that I would spend the entire weekend wallowing in self-pity and binge watching TV.  Maybe I would get up for brunch on my birthday but that was about it.  Unfortunately and fortunately, my boyfriend had other plans for me.  The following day, we took a road trip to Houma, LA to stay at a B&B.

My first thoughts, why Houma?  I do love antebellum mansions and the rooms were named after Gone With the Wind characters so why not?  Houma is in the heart of Cajun country and is surrounded by swamps and bayous.  The B&B we stayed at was absolutely gorgeous.  After getting settled in, we went over to a local restaurant recommended by the B&B.  When we pulled up, I just looked at him…  Once we walked in, I gave him a second look… the “what the hell have you gotten me into look?”  New Orleans was about an hour away so I had already decided that we would probably spend the remainder of the weekend there.  However, I was a good sport and stayed at the restaurant.  The food was really good so he got a pass.  Once back at the B&B we did a little homework than left for a local festival entitled “Voice of the Wetlands.”  The festival was packed!  There was food and drinks everywhere and the locals were very nice.  It was the first time I considered that cities and towns outside of New Orleans actually have something to offer, lol.  FYI: New Orleanians are very arrogant.  I think we are very similar to New Yorkers…

Any who, the festival was a blast (although I left with 6 mosquito bites).  We went to bed early because Sunday was going to be a full day.  Breakfast was early than we scheduled a visit to an alligator farm with a swamp tour immediately following.  On Sunday, I woke up 29!  We headed downstairs for breakfast  and after about twenty minutes of small talk with other B&B guests, my boyfriend told everyone it was my birthday and that he wanted to give me my gift.  I’m thinking “why does he have to give me a H&M gift card now?”  But then he said he loved me and got on one knee.  Everything was a bit of a blur but I think I said yes and than he put the ring on my finger.  I’m engaged guys!  Of course I began calling and texting family and friends right after.  Some family already knew.  I’m surprised they could keep the secret.  After packing up, we headed to the alligator farm where I met a baby gator named Bae Bae and aggressive goats and a neutral rat.  We ended up heading home after.  The weather was pretty bad and I did not want to be in the middle of a swamp for three hours while it stormed.  On the way home, we passed by my grandparents where my grandmother whispered “are you going to take cooking classes now?” Lol.

What a series of emotions and events in one day, huh?  I’ll keep you posted as  I start planning the cheapest yet chicest wedding.

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