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A year ago, I wrote a post about the alternative to all face brushes: Sephora’s Dynamic Duo Face Brush.  My Olay face brush had finally given up on me so I thought I’d upgrade to a Clarosonic.  However, Clarosonic is expensive and doesn’t allow the use of any exfoliator beads.  Apparently, the beads can jam the face brush head.  I use an exfoliator every night and an acne wash every morning so paying all of that money to use the brush part-time was out of the question.
While at Sephora, I noticed another brush…  It was quite bare but for 16 bucks, it was worth a try!
Product Description:
“A dual-ended face brush to cleanse your pores to perfection.  Cleanse and refresh your complexion with this innovative tool, complete with a slip-proof grip. The nylon bristles clear trapped oil and bacteria from pores and the domed silicone brush exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin cells. The skin is left smooth and delightfully bright.”
Of course my experience cannot be summarized as eloquently as Sephora’s description but I think it’s a great (cheap) investment.  And, the fact that I don’t have to worry about it jamming, batteries running dead or it breaking is great.  It’s also super easy to clean. 
For more information, visit Sephora!

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