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So, I ran across this brand on a social media network and decided to tell you guys about it.

“Manetabolism is a comprehensive dietary supplement designed to provide your body with the proper vitamin nourishment to maximize hair growth, thickness and health; while simultaneously boosting your energy level and strengthening your immune system. Every ingredient was selectively chosen not only by its beneficial relationship to what it has to offer the hair, but the body as a whole.”


So, I’m reading through everything, checking out the photos and testimonials and it reminds me of my Hairfinity experience.  I took those vitamins for nearly a year and didn’t feel like it made a difference.  Most importantly, it is highly unlikely that I will change my diet or water consumption for hair growth.  Last but not least, spending 20 or 30 bucks for a pair of vitamins a month is…an expense that I deem necessary…  I’m just being real, keeping it 100.

Isn’t that what the kids are saying now?  Any who, I’m pretty content taking biotin until they hit me with the below:

“Taking just Biotin is one small piece of the hair growth puzzle. Vitamins work hand in hand with each other to deliver a full comprehensive solution to your hair growth problem. The physician and nurse team who created Manetabolism put together a scientific comprehensive solution to cover various vitamin deficiencies to combat hair loss and slow hair growth.”


Then, they proceeded to outline the benefits of all the other vitamins (in addition to biotin).  You can read that long ass list here.

As a result, I’ve gone from saying “I’m content with biotin” to “I may try this.”  Has anyone else tried this?  If not, what do you think about this?

Manetabolism retails for $24.99.

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