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I have such a love/hate relationship with Sally Hansen.  But, it is one of the oldest brands in the game and available everywhere so here we are…

I was in search of a high gloss topcoat but did not feel like traveling to my nearest Ulta or Sephora for one of my favorite brands; instead, I traveled 1 block to my local CVS.  After briefly scanning the wall of polishes, I settled on Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Top Coat.


“An extended wear top coat that delivers brilliant shine. Advanced formula dries your manicure from top to bottom in just 60 seconds — no more smudges! Fuses and seals all your manicure layers into one powerful protective shield that resists chipping, cracking, peeling and damaging moisture. Micro-diamond formula adds mirror shine and strength.”


Overall, I like it.  At first, I didn’t think it worked because the color I used dried glossy.  However, when I saw my nails on day two, I knew it worked.  They’re super shinny.  The only theory I didn’t test was the quick dry… but for 7 bucks or so, I think it’s worth it!

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