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As some of you know, I chose to get Sisterlocks as an alternative to cutting my hair.  I became a neurotic natural by trying different hair products (partly because I was curious and partly because I wanted to review products for you).  I also blew out my hair once or twice a month because I could not stand shrinkage.  After being natural for several years, I think I’m finally on the right path…

So, what has it been like with Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are expensive.  The installation can be expensive (but no different than what you would pay for braid installation, hair tracks and some wigs)…  Even more, you should get them retightened every five to six weeks.  If not, you may risk damaging your hair and or your retightening price may increase).  In contrast, my hair does better when I have help caring for it.  It has always done better when stylists are involved.

It reminds me of when I first went natural…  The fact is, Mississippi tends to be behind on trends so I have gotten a lot of questions asking “what are they”, “if I plan to keep them”, etc.  Why the hell will I pay all of this money and sit in a chair for nearly 20 hours to get them removed?!  Even more irritating, a lot of women with locs don’t like them.  They’re too small and require too much upkeep for them.  The reality is that these are more versatile (you can curl or flat iron them).

The washing routine is stupid.  Locks have to be banded (twisted or braided together and secured with rubber bands).  This is to prevent slippage from the shampoo which may unravel locks.  This is only necessary until my hair has locked.  Six months in, my hair has not locked and probably won’t lock anytime soon *sad face*

I am only supposed to use sisterlock products, especially, during the pre-lock phase.  However, it takes entirely too long for their products to ship.  I’m not sure if a toodler is in charge of shipping but a little birdie told me I could use regular clarifying shampoo.  And guess what else, I’ve actually washed with black soap.

It has been awesome not having to put much effort into my hair! 96% of the time, I just throw a scarf on it at night and wear it pulled back in the day.  However, my Sisterlocks Consultant told me I’m being lazy so I am now trying new styles.  Another great thing?  I don’t have to worry about frizzing, rain or sweat when I workout.

I only have to wash my hair every two weeks.  Because products (outside of Sisterlocks shampoo) is prohibited during the pre-lock phase, I don’t use any products and rely on my natural hair oils…

I stand out!  After all, I told you not too many people are aware of Sisterlocks.  I’ve met 3 people with them here.  One is my consultant and the other is her sister, lol.  Overall, it was the best choice for me.  My hair has been growing like crazy since I’ve had them.  I’m looking forward to following up with you after my first year!

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