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Nearly a year ago, I did a review of NYX’s Natural Shadow Palette and to make a long story short, I hated it.

Previously, I thought the palette was not for all skin tones, specifically, my dark skin tone.

How did I give the palette another chance?  It was time to replace my MAC eyebrow pencil but I didn’t have time to go to the mall.  I remembered this palette came with a dark brown which is what I used to fill in my brows.  A few months later, it’s all I use for my brows.  It doesn’t smear or fade.  Sorry MAC 😦

I use the color next to the dark brown as a nude eye shadow.  I use the color next to the nude as a highlighter for my eyebrows.  I also prime my eyelids with it.  I haven’t tried the other three colors yet but for 7 bucks and some change, I’m ok with that.

Although I bought this at Ulta, it’s available at Target, Nordstrom, CVS, Amazon, etc.



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