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This week, we see the team transform Carmen, a professional dancer and style Jackie Cruz of Orange is the New Black (I love that show).

Carmen is in need of a head to toe transformation. Because of her petite frame, it’s tough to find anything in her size which results in her wearing oversized clothing. Isn’t that a problem we would like to have? To me it seems like an easy solution, shop the juniors department *shoulder shrug* Any who, Carmen will be transitioning from the world of dance to graduate school and a professional career. She’ll need two looks: A more professional look and one for her party celebrating her new career. Her fashion icon is Nicole Richie, excellent choice.

At her apartment, Jonathan and Brandon raid her closet to determine if there is anything salvageable.

Side note: I’m beginning to notice that New Yorkers have really small closets. I guess there is at least one benefit to being in the south…

Turns out, Carmen’s closet isn’t a total fail. She likes vintage clothing and has a cool fur vest and velvet top. Back at the store, the remaining team members start building a shrine of her fashion icon. While at her apartment, Jonathan and Brandon pulls an awesome maxi dress from her closet but she doesn’t know how to wear it… They add a belt, scarf with chain fringes (please ship this to me), and black open toe booties. The second look is a fringed jacket, patterned pants with oversized frames.

The second client is Jackie Cruz who needs to be styled for the season 2 premiere of Orange is the New Black. Her schedule is so busy that she won’t be able to do a fitting until the day of the premiere. THE HORROR!

Next, we see the team take Carmen to Williamsburg to hat shop. I love hats and am building quite the collection. She tries on a few hats but the best one is the classic fedora JJ picked. Now it’s time for a faceover with Kristen. After 6 episodes, I can now say with confidence that Kristen loves concealer. I think she’s mentioned it in almost every episode… Basically, you need to get yourselves concealer. After adding concealer, Kristen fills in Carmen’s eyebrows use a gradient technique. I’ve learned something new. She then finished her look with a nude lip. As with my weekly ritual, I too am wearing a nude lip *air kiss*

Next, the team meets up with Jackie. As Brandon and JJ unpack the dresses and accessories, they notice they left the bag containing the clutches (including a $3,000 Alexander McQueen clutch). Is this the episode they finally get fired? Lol. Jonathan walks up and immediately notices the clutches aren’t there and it’s not pretty. Shortly after, Devin arrives with the bags and all is well. Apparently, Jackie already has a great sense of style and is very picky. She shuts down most of the looks but takes a chance on this a-line mod inspired dress and it’s perfect. The team then pairs the look with metallic Louboutin heels, jewelry and the $3,000 Alexander McQueen clutch. Jonathan doesn’t look too pleased to give that clutch up, lol.

Back at the store, it’s time to style Carmen for her party. The first look is a bright floral dress with a drop waste. The team adds a Rebecca Minkoff clutch and nude shoes but she thinks it’s too formal… Look two is silk shorts with a flowy top. She is uncomfortable with shorts since she is bowlegged. The final look (pictured above) has got to be one of my favorite looks thus far. It’s a long-sleeved sheer and lace crop top with a pleaded purple skirt.

For season 2, the team should take their skills on the road…starting with me J

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