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Source: Wrap-A-Loc

As you guys know, I’ve had sisterlocks for nearly 7 months but the biggest misconception is that locs aren’t versatile.  To the naysayers, I bring you Wrap-A-Loc, the dual hairstyling tool.


Unlike traditional styling tools, sponge rollers and perm rods, Wrap-A-Loc offers many options for locked hair – even when in the mist of styling it no covering the hair with a scarf or hat is ever required. When the tool is applied it creates a unique style and no one knows it’s in the hair except you and your stylist. When the tool is removed, you find beautiful soft, long lasting curly locs. The locs stay curly for days or until the hair is shampooed.

Using Wrap-A-Loc, you can take locked and natural hair to a new height of pride with creativity, flexibility and manageability.


Before you non-locers write this product off, the tool can be applied to all hair types natural,

relaxed/permed or naturally straight hair…

Although this tool is wearable, I would just use it overnight.  Ain’t nobody trying to walk around with caterpillars in their hair -_-  Another thing, this is expensive as hell.  20 Wrap-A-Lock tools are $21.50 with 80 for $79.99.  Some people use pipe cleaners as an alternative, although, pipe cleaners are extremely cheap they are also sharp, flimsy, and produces smaller curls.  I want a larger curl, maybe more of a wave…

For people who are willing to give up a tank of gas, you can purchase Wrap-A-Loc here and even Amazon (which is actually the more expensive alternative).  Who’s buying me a pack? 🙂



  1. I have never heard of these. I always use pipecleaners. Interesting. Love that new products are being developed for natural hair. Thanks

    • Everyone is getting on the natural hair train. I actually just bought rods. I’m not sure if I want to try the pipe cleaners because I want more of a large ringlet/wave.

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