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This week, we see the team makeover former lawyer and single mom, Coco and style international model Chelsea Freeborn.  Both women are making career changes to the world of film and documentaries. Unlike the previous storylines, Coco’s story really tugged on our heartstrings. After the sudden death of her sister, she became an instant mom by raising her sister’s kids.

Coco walks into the store giving us corporate snorefest and is missing a very important item…a purse!  But on the contrary, she uses a scarf as her purse.  It has a little pocket with a little zipper where she can store her lip gloss!  THE HORROR!  Coco is coming to Jonathan as a blank canvas and has no fashion inspiration so Jonathan picks Solange.  Excellent choice.  Later, Jonathan and Brandon arrive at her apartment to see a closet full of gloomy-colored suits.  Not only that but she has like 1.2 accessories.  Not surprising for someone who wears a scarf as a purse.

Back at the store, the team starts building a theme.  Kristin has on a really cute pair of shorts…  Back at the apartment, while scavenging Coco’s “corporate closet,” Jonathan finds a cute black and white shirt dress and adds a wide chain belt, necklace, bracelet, and a turquoise heel.  They provide her with a second look which includes a bright orange blazer, orange strappy heels, vertical top and printed skirt (of the same color scheme). I’ve always liked mixed prints.

In comes the second client Chelsea who needs to be styled for her upcoming event which is a fundraiser for her documentary.

“Baling-a-ling, you better answer that.”- JJ

Next, the team takes Coco shopping for accessories.  Jonathan gives her a necklace with Coco, her sister, and the kid’s initials.  That was very thoughtful.  Coco then visits Kristin for a new face.  The first thing Kristin does is trim her lashes.  THANK GOSH!  I wasn’t going to say anything but since y’all brought it up…lol.  Kristin then adds coal eyeliner and bright luster to matt pink lips.  This looks great on her.

Now it’s time to style Chelsea.  Jonathan is first to the hotel but the boys have not arrived.  They made a pit stop in SoHo to pull more options which caused them to be late, very late.  It’s nearly an hour before the event an Jonathan is pissed.

Brandon and JJ finally arrive and pull the first dress, a hot pink Nicole Miller dress.  Denied.  Second dress, rejected.  Third dress, nope.  The fourth is a neon yellow BCBG dress with lace cutouts.  They pair the look with a silver Jimmy Choo heel but she feels more like an attendee rather a host in this dress.  The final dress (pictured above) has a gold top with embellishments, a black tutu and a harness.  She loves it which means JJ’s and Brandon’s jobs are saved…for now.

Coco is back to be styled for the debut of her documentary.  The first look is a monochromatic shirt and pants with pink pumps and cobalt blue jacket.  They finish the look with a navy blue fur clutch.  Listen, this clutch is the business.  I would marry this clutch but I digress… She thinks this look is too heavy so she moves on to a black structured blazer, printed pants, green shirt and purple heels.  I love this but it doesn’t have enough oomph.  The winning look is a Tracy Reese dress that has blue and green prints featuring stripes down the side.  She also has teardrop earrings and yellow strap heels.  You look great Coco, good luck!

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  1. Hey! I have nominated you for a Liebster award! If you don’t know what that is, it’s an award that encourages bloggers to continue writing. Check out my ‘Liebster Award’ post on my blog where I have the questions and the rules. Hope you’re having a great day! 🙂
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