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Back in July, I posted a blog about Revlon’s Color Stay Gel Envy and this past weekend, I finally tried it.  I was in New Orleans for my Dad’s wedding and bought 2 nude polishes that happened to be nearly empty when I attempted to polish my nails so I moseyed over to Rite Aid to buy a nude polish.  Because it was approximately an hour before we were scheduled to leave for the wedding, I needed a polish that will allow me to skip a step or two which brings me to Revlon’s Color Stay Gel.

I choose the color Checkmate (pictured to your right).

Although skipping the basecoat makes me feel uncomfortable, this nail polish is pretty good.  The dry time is also fairly quick.  I know this for sure because I was in the suite polishing my nails 10 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start!!!  Literally 8 minutes after I finished polishing my nails, I was shaking hands but I experienced no smudging.  One step I didn’t follow was using their ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat.  I have entirely too many topcoats and wasn’t about to buy another one just because I bought their polish *head roll and snap*  Last but not least, it’s day 3 and I have yet to experience any chipping.

This polish is great for people who probably aren’t that into nail polish, don’t want to spend a ton on nail polish or don’t want to go through the various steps (basecoat, color coats, and topcoats).

Revlon is available literally everywhere.  I mean, you can find it at your local grocery store, drugstore, Walmart, Target, truck stop, church, etc.


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