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born to style

This week we saw the team makeover aspiring theatre actress Sarah.  Coincidentally, dressing like a “hoochie” does not allow her to be taken seriously.  She’s definitely giving me Nicole Richie circa 2003.  Part of her issue is finding pieces for a born to styletall frame and shoes for her big feet (her words, not mine).  Any who, her fashiborn to styleon icon is Katherine Hepburn and not only does she need an everyday look but wants to look classy for her upcoming birthday party.

I’m not saying she’s a streetwalker but she’s streetwalkerish.”- Brandon

Back at the store, the team starts building a look while Jonathan and Brandon head to Sarah’s apartment to see if there is anything in her closet worth savaging.  Surprise! Sarah has a lot of skank-wear and only one pair of jeans.  Jonathan cuts the bottom of her jeans to create a cropped jean, uses one of her dress as a top, adds a bold print blazer and neon heels for a totally new look.  Sarah loves the jacket and so do I.  The final touches are a statement necklace and bracelet.  They pull a second look which includes a yellow oversized Valentino coat paired with a white form fitting blouse, baby blue skirt and flats with gold pointed caps.

B.O.R.N’s second client is fashion blogger Rachel Martino (pictured above) who surprisingly needs a last minute look for a Spring Beauty Kickoff with attendees that include the who’s who of the beauty blogsphere.  She’s already well put together pairing a leather jacket with a bright dress and lip.  Jonathan says the she will be a perfect client and I agree.  However, Brandon will be traveling home for the weekend leaving him unable to help which results in them using Devin as a backup…sleesh…good luck with that :/

Back to Sarah, the team takes her to Paper Denim & Cloth to shop for jeans.  First, are the low-rise jeans which look awesome on her.  They can even be rolled up for a cropped look.  The second pair of jeans are high-rise which I didn’t really like but her butt looks great in them.  I love JJ’s cap in this scene.  Is it leopard print?  After, Sarah met with Kristen to makeover her face.  She wants a strong brow and red lip.  Ok Ms. Sarah, I like a woman who knows what she wants.  Kristen starts with blush, fills in her brows, adds a dewy highlighter and a rosy red lip.  I wanted to wear a red lip today but I have on a green jumpsuit and didn’t want to look like a Christmas ornament…

In the next scene, JJ approaches Devin about pulling looks for Rachel.  When Devin walks from behind the counter, we ALL notice he has on disco platforms which are considered his “serious shoes.”  Please bow your head for a moment of silence… … … Ok, so the first look Devin pulls is a cropped strip shirt and floral skirt.  I LOVE THIS!!!  After pulling a few more looks, they head to the salon to meet up with Rachel.  I lose a few seconds because I’m busy staring at her nails.  I’m memorized and may polish my nails red this weekend but I digress.  Rachel loves the first look (the cropped stripe shirt and floral skirt) but the shirt is too long.  Jonathan starts talking about how he put this look together but Devin got him together real quick, lol.  Devin that was unprofessional but I get where you’re coming from.  I really wish y’all would’ve brought some needle and thread to make this look work.  The second look is some type of white checkered dress with a red Chinese inspired coat or something…I don’t know.  She thought it was a little too much and so did I. Sorry JJ.  The winning piece was pulled by Devin.  Surprise.  Surprise.  I guess Devin is a valuable team member after all *claps lightly*

Brandon’s back and it’s time to style Sarah for her birthday party.  The first look was a tangerine box top with black wide leg trousers.  She did not like it but I did *shoulder shrug*  The second look was awesome.  It was a one shoulder black and white dress with a high slit to show a little leg.  JJ added long drop earrings.  The look was finished with embellished sandals.  Please pick this look, pretty please!!!  But nope, her final look was a yellow and black shirt dress with silver heels.  Her friends loved the new Sarah.

RIP Hoochie Sarah.

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