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Who’s doing the recap on time? I AM I AM! 

The first client in this episode is Jessica who is a new mom in
need of a mommy makeover. Meanwhile, her husband is a FILF.  Picking Gwen
Stefani as her fashion icon, Jonathan and Brandon head to her apartment to see
if she has anything worth savaging in her closet.  Upon opening her closet
wire hangers were discovered *insert thunder and lighting*


Jonathan and Brandon pair her best jeans with the cutest gray sweat shirt with embellishments and metallic oxford shoes.  The second outfit included printed jogger pants paired with a structured blazer.  The outfit was finished off with a blue spiked purse.

Of course it’s not a show without the excitement of a last minute styling request…  Debra Anderson of Culture Shock will be attending the TriBeCa Film Festival and need a dress that will transition from day to night.  Of course, the event is in a few days. 

Back to Jessica, the crew takes her shopping for a REAL BAG.  The first choice was a yellow bag. LOVE IT!  The second selection was a metallic bag.  I need one of those. 

Kristen then gives Jessica a makeover which included concealer, a bold cat eye, and bright purple lip.  She looked awesome and inspired me to wear a purple lip today *air kiss*

Back to Debra, Jonathan challenges JJ and Brandon to pull 3 looks at Mahna Mahna showroom. Debra arrives with her wet blanket husband Hugh which clearly makes things uncomfortable.  First up was a Stella McCartney dress (which I love).  It appears to be leather with pleats on the back.  Of course, stick in the mud Hugh didn’t like it.  Next was Dior which had great embellishment in the front, however, she thought it was too formal and I agree.  I didn’t particularly love the last outfit…  If I could, I would wear something like that to work.  It’s like a white top with blue bottom (but all in one) with an orange ankle strap.  BUT, if Hugh likes it we all should love it.

Back to my home girl Jessica who is being styled for her anniversary party. OMG, I love the first look.  It’s a black dress featuring net with black, white and neon ankle straps. However, she wanted to up the ante.  You better work Jessica!  I Didn’t like dress 2.  It was extremely fitted and she has a great figure but…I don’t like it.  JJ added a silver statement necklace and I was still bored.  Off with the outfit!  Get it?  It’s like “off with their heads!” Ugh, I digress.  The final look is a white shirt (cut low in the back), black skirt and neon shoe.  I can dig it.  Not doing any back flips and that’s mostly because I have an emotional connection to the first dress she tried on.

Welp, there’s that *takes a bow, drops the mic* 

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