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“Aspiring comedian, Rachel is need of a total transformation. After battling an eating disorder, she is ready to look like the confident and ambitious woman she is. Katie is in desperate need of an outfit to wear to the TriBeCa Ball. It’s imperative that Katie’s look turns it up a notch and stands out in the crowd.”


Rachel’s total wardrobe includes sweats, jeans, tights, UNICORN SLIPPERS, and sneakers which is not bad sometimes but not sufficient for a aspiring comedian.  Using Mary Tyler Moore as a style icon, the team gets to work transforming what she has in her closet than providing her with a final look for the stage.

Rachel had a ton of torn jeans (which coincidentally are in) and they paired it with a t-shirt, colorful blazer and statement necklace.  Option 2 included a pair of bright jeans and a white jacket.

To ditch the kicks, they took her shoe shopping.  They started her off in a comfy flat and forced her into a pair of pumps.  Special thanks to Brandon for teaching her how to walk in heels…like a diva, lol.

After, she visited Kristen for a makeover.  Kristen added corrective foundation, brown eyeliner, hot pink blush and wallah…we have a makeover, I guess…

Later we see Katie (cofounder of Hukkster) request the style team to pull something together for the TriBeCa Ball.  Thing is, she’s immediately leaving town and won’t be back until the day of the ball!  Brandon and JJ pull a few pieces together that Jonathan isn’t too impress with except for these two black dresses.  Fast forward to the day of the event at her fabulous apartment, they start her off with bright safe pieces then ease her to the black dresses.  While she wasn’t sold on the black mesh dress, she choose the other black dress featuring some sort of sheer at the top and bottom of the dress.  They then added a tuxedo jacket, statement necklace, strappy heels, and a killer clutch with fringe to her look.

Lets mosey back to Rachel who has to get ready for her performance.  The first dress (pictured above) was great…for work…  Then, they gave her blue suede heels but thank gosh they knew they needed to up the ante.  The next look freaked her out.  It was….wait for it…wait for it: SHORTS! *insert screams here*  She tries them on (paired with leggings and boots) which she actually likes.  The last look was a scarf, Marc Jacobs peach jacket, t-shirt, blue jeans and those blue suede pumps.  I almost feel like she could’ve got this look at the GAP but if it makes her feel good, cheers!

So, what I would like to do is watch the show when it actually comes on and have a brand new recap Wednesday morning.  But, don’t hold your breaths…you know I’m a flake 🙂

Whew, I think this is the longest post I’ve ever written!

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