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After viewing both Candidly Nicole and B.O.R.N to Style, I’ve decided that I’m going to ride it out with B.O.R.N to Style so lets get this party started.  In episode 1, “the B.O.R.N. team is ready for action this week, with two clients, New York Metropolitan Opera dancer and lead singer of a band, Alison, and up-and-coming R&B star, Maxine Ashley.”


Not only is Jonathan Bodrick the owner of B.O.R.N but he’s been a stylist for more than 15 years and often enlists the assistance of his hilarious team for lifestyle makeovers.  Are y’all accepting applications?  My entire LIFE needs a makeover but I digress.

First, Alison’s wardrobe did reflect that of a homeless boy.  She had pairs on top of pairs of sweats.  Equally disturbing was her lack of real bras.  Kristen added lashes and a dramatic eye while the remainder of the team worked together to give Alison a rocker look to match and WALLAH!

Next was Maxine Ashley whom the team had to pull clothing and accessories without ever meeting her.  Oh, and they only had a few days to prepare.  Maxine really wanted to be this tomboy but I’m glad the team convinced her otherwise.  Her final look appeared to be a sequence leotard paired with a graphic button-down.  I wasn’t able to find a picture after searching for 1 whole minute so you’ll have to watch it 🙂

I’m looking forward to the next episode, especially, with this funny bunch which airs every Tuesday 10ET.

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