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I was hoping to pick a color that would cheer me up and layered a few gold glitter polishes.  The results were junkie and because it was late at night, I figured I would change it over the weekend.  But, the next day I received so many compliments that I decided to keep it especially because it’s going to be HELL taking it off!Step 1:  Apply base coat.

Step 2: Find a gold polish, not sheer.  I used Deborah Lippmann’s Fake It Till You Make It.

STOP!  You do not have to buy these exact colors.  Purchase alternatives at your local drugstore, beauty store or Walmart.  DL is $18 a bottle and more than most people care to spend on nail polish.

Step 3: Use a gold flake polish.  I used DL’s Glitter And Be Gay.

Step 4: Use a different flake gold nail polish.  I actually used OPI’s I Reached My Gold! which is half the price of DL.

TIP: When you dip your brush into the glitter nail polishes, try to capture as many flakes as possible.  Also, a top coat isn’t needed.  The glitter coats should be sufficient, however, I did refresh my nails with a clear coat yesterday.  It was just to seal the tips to prevent chipping since I’ve had this manicure since Thursday.

The results should beflashy glitter junk nails (did I just coin a term?)

Side note: This is more suitable for special occasions and is not for professional environments but who gone check me boo? 🙂

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