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Am I the only one who hasn’t thought of this before?  Why haven’t I thought of this?  Although this seems like common sense, wouldn’t the brushes be too rough for our faces?  And, what about the bristles?  Are they made for skin or canvases?

Luckily there are a host of reviews!

MakeupAlley gave an average rating of 3.5.  A lot of reviewers actually compared a popular paintbrush brand: Loew Cornell to MAC brushes.  I’ll tell you one thing, LC brushes are waaaay cheaper than MAC brushes!

XO Vain provided readers with a more comprehensive guide.

And, there are tons of YouTube videos,here!

In conclusion, paintbrushes as makeup brushes may work…  I’d probably use them for eye shadow and liner, nothing more.  Which of my readers will try this first because I’m too scared… #scaredblogger

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