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I don’t know how and why I came across this but I think it’s a pretty cool so I’m sharing with you.What is stickK? stickK is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for you by allowing you to create “Commitment Contracts.”  A Commitment Contract is a contract that binds you into achieving a personal goal.

The process has four sections:

  • Goal- What do you want to achieve and what time frame will you give yourself to achieve it?
  • Stakes- As an added incentive to succeed, do you want to lay money on the line? If so, how much? If you fail, where do you want that money to go?
  • Referee- Who do you want to designate to monitor your progress and confirm the truth of your reports to stickK?
  • Supporters- Who do you want to have cheering you on?


So, goals can include but are not limited to weight loss, finance and ditching your smoking habit.  Check it out, here!

What do you think?  Will you be signing up?  I already have a contract with At&t, don’t know how many more contracts I care to have… 🙂

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