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Just in case you were wondering (but I’m sure you’re not)…  Episode 7 was apparently the season finale of Love in the City!  My guess is the network was too bored to air the remaining episodes…

*shrugs shoulders*
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  1. I liked it. It wasnt the typical drama filled reality shows. Yes, there was drama but real drama. I think that people maybe wanted to see a more of a mix of economic status. this was very glossy

      • I know super sucked. They should have at least done a reunion show after to show us how they are

      • I know which makes me feel like they just pulled the plug. Were we the only ones watching? Lol.

      • I guess so because I have only seen some twitter speak about it but that was when they were showing it back to back after all the episodes were shown. It was like ohh this is a new show 7 episodes too late

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