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Source: Yardley
In a new case of soap files *insert X-Files theme music here*  If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I love trying new soaps.  Secondly, I haven’t done a product review in a while so this should suffice… 
Although I prefer to purchase my soaps from Whole Foods and other natural grocery stores, I did not feel like it…lol.  After all, I was already at Kroger but I digress.  So, I browsed the soap aisle and was so excited to see Yardley’s Oatmeal and Almond soap (which happens to be my favorite ingredients).
Product Information:

  • Enriched with sweet almond & hints of oatmeal.
  • Rich, exfoliating lather will protect skin’s moisture.
  • Delicious, unforgettable scent.


Bonus points: This soap is gentle enough to use as a facial cleaner.

Semi…sort of, review:

This soap smells like heaven.  Once again, this soap smells like heaven.  It lathers really well and surprisingly…it gave my skin a squeaky clean feeling which is odd for a moisturizing soap.  But for 1 buck and some change, I’ll recommend it.  For more soap collections, where to buy, and whatever else information companies feel the need to put on their websites, visit Yardley!

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