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Hey guys, it’s been a while!  Last week sucked but luckily I had a mini vacation to New Orleans planned.  Thank Gosh!  Any who, I’m back and my first order of business is to gossip with you about Love in the City.

Interestingly, Kiyah was a blur for me so let’s move on to the other storylines.

Bershan did another warrior event.  Why does this feel like Deja vu?  During the party planning, Tiffany broke up with Chicken Nugget Brian.  All she wanted was for him to say, I messed up, you’re all I need, and this will NEVER happen again.  This dude just could not say it!  You know why?  Because he doesn’t feel that way.  To make matters worse, he departed the relationship with her computer, Chanel purse and WIG!  Brian, you are a true F*** Boy and we look forward to never seeing you again 🙂 #ByeFelicia

Oh…weren’t we talking about Bershan?  Yawn. Let me continue…  Bershan’s warrior party featured makeovers from Kiyah and a photoshoot from Chenoa.  Tiffany could not follow directions to save her life.  Bershan wanted her to send a photo via jpeg but she wanted to reveal this giant photo.  As a result, they pulled her but later let her speak on the obstacles she overcame as a result of Breast Cancer.

Last but not least, we witnessed Chenoa and Carlyle come to terms with their relationship (or lack there of).  Both are not willing to budge on their feelings about having kids so looks like they’ll be heading towards a divorce.  I hate that…

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